Slide Automated, transparent & citizen-centric development of public policies AI4PublicPolicy is a joint effort of policymakers and cloud/AI experts to unveil AI’s potential for automated, transparent and citizen-centric development of public policies. To this end, the project will deliver an Open Virtualized Policy Management Environment (VPME) for fully-fledged policy development/management functionalities based on AI technologies such as Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL), NLP and chatbots, while leveraging citizens’ participation and feedback. Learn More

Pilot Sites

AI4PublicPolicy will be implemented through the scope of five real-life pilots in Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Portugal and Bulgaria.
Athens, Greece

Citizen-centric management & optimisation of city resources

Genoa, Italy

Citizens & businesses services optimisation

Nicosia, Cyprus

Policies for holistic mobility & accessibility

Lisbon, Portugal

Energy management & optimisation policies

Burgas, Bulgaria

Data-driven water infrastructure planning & maintenance policies


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