Second Co-creation Workshop in the Burgas Pilot (Bulgaria)

Date: 5 April 2022

Location: Burgas

The second co-creation workshop for the Burgas pilot took place in Burgas from 13:30 to 16:00 on the 5th of April and it was a hybrid event. It was held on the premises of the Burgas Water Company and online using the zoom account of Burgas Municipality. The workshop also joined Mr. Ladjeri from EKSO and Prof. Giaconia from University of Palermo, who participated online.


The agenda of the workshop was structured in three parts:

  • Introduction: Introduction of the AI4PublicPolicy project, the team and the participants to each other.
  • Co-creation: Presentation of existing user stories/cases of the BURGAS pilot.
  • Implementation of co-creation activities: Participants were split into two groups, engaging in brainstorming for elaboration or change of the proposed user stories. After the co-creation session, the participants returned to the main group and shared what they had discussed.

The meeting ended with evaluation and finalization of the User Stories and closuring note from the moderator.

Moderator & Participants

In total there were 15 participants on site, 6 men and 9 women. As the project leader, Ms Daniela Alexieva facilitated the overall workshop and made sure that the participants stayed on task.

Use Cases Discussed

The following user cases were discussed:

  • Smart Water Management System in the Pobeda Residential Neighborhood: Тhe first user case relates to the fact that there is a considerable difference between metered water use and the supplied amount according to the accounts of the Water Utility company. Participants discussed ways of measuring the difference in the two amounts and how to determine whether this was due to thefts or leakages. The comments generated were along the lines of those from the first co-creation workshop. The need to keep the channels of communication open at all times was. No new user stories were generated.
  • Condition-based Monitoring and LCA for Maintenance and Repair Policies: The second user case relates to a pipe that is known to have a large number of accidents. This use case was more advanced and the participants discussed the methods of data collection that the pilot wanted to use, the technical issues and problems related to that, as well as the costs implementing these methods. Participants also touched upon the possibilities of replacing the existing pipe infrastructure with ones that can be repaired without excavation work. The participants were involved in defining the first user policies of this pilot.

The participants expressed general satisfaction with the workshop. The organizers were also satisfied and we believe that the comments made during the session were useful and will improve the quality of the pilot.

More information regarding the results of the co-creation workshop will be published on D2.9 “Plan and report on co-creation activities V2” that will be published soon on Zenodo.