Second co-creation workshop in Nicosia

The second co-creation workshop was organised by the NIC pilot team on Thursday, 22 June 2023 at CYENS Centre of Excellence in Nicosia. The event brought together NIC pilot team, with project partners from INTRA and UNP, along with Nicosia Municipality Departments’ representatives and Smart City project team members of the CYENS institute.




Welcome and introduction:

Overview of the workshop’s agenda and its goals.

Round of introductions

Smart City Platform of Nicosia Municipality:

Presentation of the Municipality’s platform for Smart City capacities/infrastructure.

VPME presentation and Datasets Catalogue:

Demonstration of the AI-based solutions of the AI4publicPolicy platform and the embedded Catalogue of Datasets.

NIC Pilot Use Cases, User Stories and Policies:

Elaboration of the pilot’s scope in terms of the generated Use Cases and corresponding user stories.

Discussion on Pilot’s Policies:

Collective evaluation of the pilot’s Key Policy Indicators (KPIs), data to be used and the VPME AI-based tools to be utilized.

Evaluation and wrap up




The co-creation workshop was attended by 15 participants in total, ensuring continuity by having Nicosia Municipality and CYENS representatives that facilitated the first workshop on board again.


Sessions, discussions and outcomes


The second co-creation workshop aimed at further finetuning the NIC pilot scope addressing the modalities of the use cases regarding the technical aspects of it. The context was based on the synergistic specification of NIC use cases.

During the main part of the workshop, the discussion was steered towards the co-definition of the KPIs related to the opted Use Cases, and the AI models required to estimate these KPIs. The NIC pilot team elaborated on these aspects in collaboration with the project technical partners and the external stakeholders of the Nicosia Municipality and CYENS who are involved in the pilot implementation. A key point of this exercise was raised regarding the need for AI-based models to operate in a trusted, unbiased, and inclusive manner.

In respect to the above, the workshop participants put emphasis on the methods and resources for the data acquisition, an integral aspect of the NIC pilot in which the project is going to establish close collaboration with the external technical stakeholders of the local ecosystem in Nicosia.

What is more, the joint elaboration focused on the dashboards that are going to be used via the VPME platform to visualize the AI model results. The final part of the co-creation workshop’s main session was dedicated to outlining and assessing the pilot’s surveys for citizens’ feedback collection.

To conclude, the second co-creation workshop built upon the ground-setting interactions and conclusions of the first workshop and facilitated the clear definition of the NIC pilot Use Cases and the technical and societal requirements. The NIC pilot team collaborated with technical project partners and fundamental stakeholders who will follow the pilot’s implementation closely. The overall redefined pilot scope and objectives have been positively perceived by the involved parties, while their insights regarding the data collection have had a positive impact on the Use Cases specification and paved the way for future co-creation activities. That is, the external target audiences have built a strong collaboration platform among themselves and the NIC pilot partners for the successful implementation of the AI4PublicPolicy as they have recognised the potential of the VPME AI-based solutions not only in the context of the current Use Cases but also in the additional endeavor of Nicosia Smart City projects.