Fourth co-creation workshop in Genoa

The fourth co-creation workshop constituted the second activity of the second co-creation phase for the Genoa pilot. Drawing from the overall strategy of the second phase, which puts emphasis on the balanced engagement of both technical stakeholders and citizens of the local communities, this workshop was steered towards the residents of Genoa, especially the target communities that are relevant to the Reducing road accidents Use Case.

The event was held on Friday, 24 February 2023 under the coordination of the CDG partner team along with the involvement of GFT coordination.

It took place at the USQ, the Sport Union Association in Quarto, Local District Levante, Genova.




Introduction to the workshop:

Presentation of the event’s agenda, and goals of the pilot in relevance with and Local District.

Chaired by Alessandra Risso of the General Department, Genoa Municipality and project manager of CDG partner.

AI4PublicPolicy Solutions:

Overview of the project and explanation of its technologies.

Chaired by Alessandro Amicone, of GFT Italia, and project coordinator.

Interactive session:

Chaired by Alessandra Risso of the General Department, Genoa Municipality, and project manager of CDG partner.

Event wrap-up and Conclusions:

Chaired by Alessandra Risso of the General Department, Genoa Municipality, and project manager of CDG partner.




The workshop was attended by 21 participants coming from local associations (i.e., sport, environment, and urban security groups), representatives of the Local Police Union, and citizens. The profile of the attended included retired officers and executive managers, employees, students, teachers, local associations and unions representatives.

Sessions, discussions, and outcomes


The workshop employed an open participatory approach and was facilitated by Alessandra Risso, Genoa Municipality AI4PP project manager, with support from Alessandro Amicone, AI4PP coordinator from GFT Italia. It began with a brief introduction to the agenda, day goals, and the focus on Genoa Municipality’s policies in the AI4PP project.

A review of past workshop results followed to refresh participants’ memories of the emerged needs and outcomes. The central debate focused on the Genoa pilot’s use case, specifically targeting the reduction of road accidents involving vulnerable people. The importance of determining danger indexes for different categories and integrating data from various systems with the project’s solutions was the main conclusion.

The Policy and Dataset Management demonstrator showcased the policy vision, dataset usage, and intervention priority evaluation. Common understanding and definitions were sought, leading to future participatory meetings for planning.

The workshop aimed to engage local actors in the development of policies for the Genoa pilot, while also giving citizens a voice as “local sensors.” The overall outcome was positive, as participants grasped the project’s process flow and their role as data providers. Recommendations included paying attention to natural obstacles during data collection and providing more education on the role of AI-based tools in decision-making.

Participants expressed keen interest in a deeper understanding of data collection and its relevance to decision-making, suggesting the need for targeted communication with citizens. This approach would highlight their contribution as citizen scientists and add value to their voices.