The AI4PublicPolicy Platform

The project delivers a platform for automated, scalable, transparent and citizen-centric policy management based on unique AI technologies.

The platform is an open Virtualized Policy Management Environment (VPME) that provides fully-fledged policy development/management functionalities based on AI technologies such as Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL), NLP and chatbots, while leveraging citizens’ participation and feedback.

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The AI4PublicPolicy VPME enables a novel approach to the development of evidence-driven policies, characterised by the following properties:

  • Automated & Intelligent Policy Development
  • Transparency & Trustworthiness
  • Local actors-centric Optimisation
  • Policy Linking, Interoperability & Reuse

The Platform supports a holistic and integrated approach to policy development, offering end-users from public authorities training resources and organisational transformation blueprints towards data-driven policy making.

The AI-based functionalities of the VPME are compliant to applicable regulations (i.e. GDPR), while adhering to available guidelines for Ethical AI systems.

VPME Architecture

The VPME is at heart of the project’s cloud platform, providing public administrations and policy makers with a single point of access to resources and tools for AI-based policy development. Hence, the VPME integrates the following resources and tools.

Policy Models & Datasets

Diverse set of analytics and policy development models for different types of policies

Policy Interoperability & Linking Tools

Tools that ensure compliance with models and datasets to common ontologies and archetypes

Public Channels & Interfaces for Citizen Engagement

Public interfaces (i.e., mobile apps, chatbots, forums and social media) that enable interaction with the citizens, towards receiving citizen feedback and enabling citizen-centric development of policies.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools

Machine Learning, including Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning techniques and an integrated library relevant algorithms

Explainable AI (XAI) & Cybersecurity Tools

XAI and cyber-defence tools to boost the transparency and trustworthiness of the AI-based policy development processes and outcomes.

AI Tools

Policy Development & Recommendation

Execution of AI algorithms based on analytical policy models and datasets available in VPME

Policy Simulation & Benchmarking

Simulation and (what-if) evaluation of alternative policies on available datasets as well as definition and calculation of different KPIs depending on the target policy

Opinion Mining, Sentiment Analysis & Document Analysis Tools

Simulation and (what-if) evaluation of alternative policies on available datasets as well as definition and calculation of different KPIs depending on the target policy

Explainable AI (XAI) & Policies Explainability

Interpretation of AI-based policy models, through XAI algorithms that decompose black-box models into rule-based descriptions

Cyber-defence Tools for secure & trusted AI

Cyber-defence mechanisms that safeguard the secure operation and the overall trustworthiness of AI systems

Integrated to the European Open Science Cloud

The AI4PublicPolicy VPME will benefit from integration with the EOSC/EGI infrastructures. Likewise, the policy development resources of the project will be integrated within the EOSC portal/marketplace and will become available to the EOSC communities.

AI4PublicPolicy will also develop its own community that will be offered access to the project’s resources over the EOSC portal.

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