AI4PublicPolicy Project Meeting in Lisbon

From 19-20 July 2023, the AI4PublicPolicy consortium gathered in Lisbon for a two-day project meeting, with both physical and online attendance. The meeting brought together the project coordination, technical development leading and supporting partners with the five project pilot cities to review progress and plan ahead of the final phase of the project. During the two-day event, organized by the Lisboa E-Nova partners, the consortium drafted an overview of the work accomplished so far; valuable insights and ideas were shared by the WP and Task Leaders, paving the path in order to address pending collaborations between the partners. The agenda of the meeting revolved around the pilots’ status in parallel with the development of the VPME solutions. Following the current phase of the project, the meeting focused on the pilots’ implementation. Therefore the meeting commenced with presentations from each pilot, showcasing their current progress and formulating an implementation plan for the period after the summer break. A dedicated session followed, where NOVO, the WP6 leader responsible for the pilots shared common guidelines for preparing, performing, and presenting the outcomes of the implementation and validation process.

The next session focused on planning the remaining co-creation workshops for the 5 project pilots, aiming to foster collaboration with local ecosystem stakeholders and citizens and generate innovative ideas. Lastly, the first day concluded by emphasizing the pilots’ business model and essential exploitation activities, ensuring the project’s long-term sustainability and impact.

On the second day of the meeting, the focus shifted towards building a concrete action time plan on relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and the 2nd version of the AI4PublicPolicy platform (VPME platform). Discussions revolved around the strategy to ensure a common roadmap towards the successful integration of the VPME solutions in the actual platform environment, their interoperability and stable use by the pilot partners.

Partners exchanged their views regarding the development of the VPME tools and solutions and how these can be utilized in the context of each pilot. What is more, emphasis was put on the engagement of policymakers and technical experts with the VPME both at the national/regional level of the pilot sites ecosystems and at the European level through the integration of the project’s solutions into the EOSC system.

The meeting concluded with an overview of the shared action plan, which was commonly agreed upon during the 2-days discussions, and the milestones set for a stable and user-friendly VPME platform as well as for an impactful series of co-creation activities in the pilots’ ecosystems that will foster the local stakeholders’ awareness of the AI4PublicPolicy solutions and tools!