AI4PublicPolicy showcases expertise at EGI2023 Conference

AI4PublicPolicy participated in the esteemed EGI2023 conference in Poland. The conference, which took place from June 19th to June 23rd at Novotel Poznań Centrum, brought together renowned international scientific communities, computing and service providers, European projects, security experts, community managers, and policymakers.

GFT and EGI, two of our AI4PublicPolicy partners, participated in this conference as speakers in the session titled “Public Authorities: EOSC Support, Engagement and Exploitation of Services”, held on June 22nd. AI4PublicPolicy was represented by the speakers Andrea Cristofori (EGI), Alessandro Amicone (GFT), and Montserrat Gonzalez (EGI) who shared valuable insights into the engagement of public authorities with distributed computing technologies and European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) services. The session consisted of two sub-sessions, titled «Public Authorities’ Engagement with Distributed Computing Technologies and EOSC Services» and «Exploitation Planning for Public Authority Services».

Regarding the first sub-session, AI4PublicPolicy, along with other prominent projects in the Data-Driven Policy Cluster, such as DECIDO, Intelcomp, and Policy Cloud, showcased their use cases and pilot projects during the EGI2023 conference. The projects demonstrated how access to EOSC services, distributed computing technologies, and AI can accelerate digital transformation and advance policy and decision-making in the public sector. Through these use cases, attendees gained valuable insights into the challenges, lessons learned, and user feedback, contributing to the growth and development of EOSC and benefiting society.

Furthermore, the second sub-session put attention to the critical aspect of exploitation planning for public authority services. The AI4PublicPolicy partners highlighted the importance of developing robust business models and identifying key exploitable assets to ensure the sustainability of use cases that have been developed throughout the implementation of the project’s pilots. Attendees were informed on co-creation methodologies to be employed by the project to create comprehensive business plans that incorporate stakeholders’ perspectives. The session also discussed methodologies for pointing out key exploitable assets collaboratively and creating effective exploitation plans, that will eventually lead to the successful uptake of such assets both from the involved organisations as well as further public/governmental institutions.

In addition to their session participation, AI4PublicPolicy further showcased their expertise at the EGI2023 conference with a poster presentation. The poster focused on showcasing the project’s cutting-edge policy-making process, which is built on the widely known Cross-industry Standard Process for Data Mining (CRISP-DM) methodology. CRISP-DM provides a structured approach used by data mining experts. By leveraging this model, AI4PublicPolicy demonstrates its commitment to promoting a transparent AI-based policy-making process.

The participation of AI4PublicPolicy at EGI2023 further solidified its standing as a frontrunner in leveraging AI and advanced computing for data-driven policy and decision-making. By actively engaging with leading experts, policymakers, and project representatives, AI4PublicPolicy continues to drive innovation and create a more sustainable, and citizen-oriented future.