Discover the Novoville Platform

Incident Management

Novoville allows citizens to report issues they encounter in their neighborhood (e.g., potholes, broken traffic signs, fly tipping) straight from their mobile devices, and receive automated notifications about the progress and resolution of their issue.

All citizen requests received either via the call centre, the city’s website or the Novoville mobile app are recorded in the Novoville dashboard in real time and assigned directly to the appropriate municipal service.

System administrators have 27/4 access to the cloud dashboard and real-time visibility of organisational performance, allowing them to make better, data-driven decisions.

Citizens, on the other hand, are able to submit requests through the Novoville app in just a couple of minutes, without needing to pick up the phone or search the relevant section on the website.

More importantly, they receive automated notifications regarding the progress of their request via their preferred communication channel (in-app messages, push notifications, SMS or email), significantly impacting customer satisfaction and reducing outbound calls and letters.


With fewer inbound and outbound calls, automatic replies and reports, enhanced workflows and reduced infrastructure maintenance costs, the Municipality improves efficiency and saves critical resources, both human and financial.

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Novoville Chatbot Consultations

Novoville chatbots are AI-powered conversational interfaces that allow local authorities to reach residents 24/7, in order to get their opinion on any local priority – from climate change and environmental policy to transportation planning.

They reinforce local democratic participation by bringing the dialogue between people and elected officials where conversations actually take place: on social media and popular chat apps (e.g. Messenger, Viber, Whatsapp, Slack, etc.). They are also available on any website.

Residents can participate in a Novoville consultation in the same way as they would chat with a friend on their favourite app or on the web.

Local authorities have access to live KPIs and analytics to help them make important decisions faster, based on a significantly larger pool of data.

Novoville’s mission is to help local authorities:

  • Capture more residents’ opinions
  • Reduce response time
  • Facilitate re-engagement
  • Get actionable feedback on what residents need
  • Save costs
  • Better support the community

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myAthensPass - Smart Parking

myAthensPass is the smart on-street parking solution of the City of Athens, which facilitates parking in the city centre, improving the daily lives of more than 100,000 motorists.

With the free myAthensPass app, which was developed by DAEM S.A. (City of Athens IT Company) in partnership with Novoville, drivers can purchase parking time for more than 3,460 parking spaces in controlled zones, in less than a minute.

In addition, app users receive a notification 10 minutes before their parking time expires, giving them the ability to extend their parking time remotely and avoid fines.

With myAthensPass, motorists can:

  • Find their exact location via GPS
  • Select the parking duration they want
  • Purchase parking time instantly or pay in advance for time that they can use later
  • Receive push notifications 10 minutes before their parking time expires
  • Extend their parking time remotely
  • Access all their previous transactions

A dedicated app for the Municipal Police simplifies and modernises the process of monitoring parking violations, drastically reducing the cost and time of this process. It enables the Municipal Police to check the vehicle’s registration plates for an active parking session, and is connected wirelessly to a portable device that issues fines in case of violation.

At the same time, the Novoville Parking cloud dashboard gathers, analyses and disseminates real-time data on parking activity, allowing authorities to accurately monitor and optimise parking operations, make data-driven decisions, cut costs, improve enforcement and provide better services to drivers and residents. The system can also integrate data from multiple sensors and IoT applications.