Catalogue for Policies & Datasets component (part 1)

The Catalogue for Policies & Datasets is a component which lists all Policies and Datasets related to AI4PublicPolicy. All information pertinent to the execution of the project are made available through this component. This, in turn, grants policy makers access to the existing policies and datasets.

Apart from the increased searchability, the AI4PublicPolicy Dataset Catalogue provides more knowledge base functionalities for comparison and recommendation of datasets and/or policies. By modelling datasets and policies, along with associated metadata, the catalogue can offer some decision support system functionalities, including recommendations for related datasets or policies. These recommendations are driven by a “similarity rank.” When a user accesses a specific entry in the catalogue, they also receive information about related datasets and policies.

The component also enables the storage of data related to AI4publicPolicy Datasets. Data stored in a database can be added, edited, and accessed by users through various web interfaces and external applications using the REST APIs provided by a REST server.

Data Representation

AI4PublicPolicy Dataset Catalogue’s data support provides features to enable the modelling and usage of different data concepts, measurement types and data values, including data integration with components and validations. The following diagram defines how data is represented and how it relates to validations and components available on AI4PublicPolicy Dataset Catalogue.

The diagram above represents what will be analyzed in the following sections.


The schema (model representation) is the specification issued by an official entity used to describe units and different types of measurements, a given measurable quantity or unit could have several schemas describing its usage under different purposes.


Unit used on a given measurement, this value includes its name, symbol and schema associated with the Unit.

Measurable Quantity

Specification of a measurement type, including a description of what is measured and the units that are supported, pairs of Measurable Quantity – Unit can be included on validations, components, data concepts and datasets allowing build relations between different types of data and different data elements on AI4PP Dataset catalogue giving a broader view where the data is being used.

Data Concept

Specification of a broader group including a list of possible measurements which are part of the same family. For example, considering the data concept “Weather Data” the main goal is to measure information regarding atmospheric conditions, past measurements and weather predictions.

A data concept contains pairs of Measurable Quantity – Unit supported and regarding Weather Data is possible to find different measurement types for several atmospheric conditions including its units (such as Temperature – Celsius degrees).


Contains information about data collected which is part of a specific data concept and defined within a validation, the collection happens at a geographical location during a specific period in time. The Dataset values are collected by a component (ex: sensor) using a specific Measurable Quantity and unit, the data values are defined in a data source through a URL or a file.