Co-Creation Sessions

User studies and co-creation sessions drive the implementation of the project’s policy development technologies and tools, as well as the integration and evaluation of the pilot systems.  These co-creation sessions are streamlined along with the project’s 3 implementation phases:

First Phase: Specification & Fine Tuning of the AI4PublicPolicy Concept

Policy makers, public authorities employees and other relevant stakeholders are interviewed to get a thorough understanding of the current status of production processes, the challenges and potentials of introducing AI systems. AI4PublicPolicy’s development ideas (including mock-ups) are presented to policy making stakeholders (including citizens) to get their initial feedback, along with concrete suggestions for expanding and fine-tuning them. A common interview template is utilised to get comparable results from each Pilot site. See more on Phase 1 Co-Creation Sessions

Second Phase: Initial Integration & Technical Validation

During the design and development activities, the solutions are presented to the workers and other stakeholders in the form of prototypes’ demonstrators, to gather feedback using a common questionnaire template studying user experience, user acceptance, usability, security, safety and ethics, as well as foreseen impacts on productivity. The feedback from policy makers, workers in the public authorities, citizens and other stakeholders guides the design activities. Furthermore, workshops for soliciting feedback on the operation of the first version of the pilot systems are organised in each pilot site. See more on Phase 2 Co-Creation Sessions

Third Phase: Technical & Business Validation

Focus is shifted to the pilot operations in actual policy making environments (i.e. public authorities, administration). AI4PublicPolicy’s solutions are integrated to IT systems of the public authorities and feedback from workers, citizens and other stakeholders will be solicited. A common questionnaire template is utilised, which comprises pilot specific impact indicators covering both technical and business aspects, in addition to indicators of citizen experience, citizen acceptance, usability, security and ethics.

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