AI4PublicPolicy Consortium

The project is coordinated by GFT Italia and consists of 16 partners, with high expertise in various areas, such as;

  • the specification and integration of complex AI/BigData systems for e-government and policy making organizations (GFT, INTRA)
  • the semantic and data interoperability technologies, including specification and engineering of relevant ontologies (e.g., UNP, EGI, UPM)
  • technologies such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning and XAI (e.g., UPM) 
  • cybersecurity of AI systems
  • AI tools, such as NLP and text analytics, as well as chatbots (e.g., NOVO) and machine learning 
  • The active engagement in the establishment and the operation of the EOSC Portal/Marketplace (EGI)
  • legal, regulatory, social, and ethical issues of AI-based policy making (e.g., ALBV).

GFT Italia SRL

Italy | Coordinator

EGI Foundation

The Netherlands | Partner


Luxembourg | Partner


United Kingdom | Partner

Unparallel Innovation LDA

Portugal | Partner

ViLabs LTD

Cyprus | Partner

Arthur's Legal BV

The Netherlands | Partner

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Spain | Partner

City of Athens IT Company

Greece | Pilot Partner

City of Genoa

Italy | Pilot Partner

Nicosia Municipality

Cyprus | Pilot Partner

Lisboa E-Nova

Portugal | Pilot Partner


United Kingdom | Partner

Burgas Municipality

Bulgaria | Pilot Partner


Italy | Partner

Tecnè Italia

Italy | Partner

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