First co-creation workshop in Athens

Date: 13 July 2021

Location: Athens, Greece

The first AI4PublicPolicy Co-creation workshop organized by DAEM took place on July 13th, 2021, at DAEM premises at Serafeio Complex in Athens. The objective of the co-creation workshop was to review, update and extend the user stories for the Predictive Citizen-Centric Transport/Parking Policies Development Use Case, through the participation of key stakeholders involved in this Use Case. DAEM was supported during the workshop by Novoville, partner in the AI4PublicPolicy project, and technical provider of the existing parking management application that is in operation in Athens.


The workshop was attended by 10 people, comprising of the DAEM project team, Novoville, City of Athens officials and citizens. Unfortunately, due to a last-minute emergency, the representatives of the DAEM Parking Control Department could not attend the workshop.

The workshop was very interesting in terms of discussions held and overall outcomes. All participants agreed that the proposed application will be very useful both from the citizens’ and the Municipality’s perspective. New ideas emerged that will enhance the existing Use Case, or that will provide “food for thought” for future services to be developed. There was active participation by all people present, and they all enjoyed the workshop and the co-creation experience, as was evident from the Workshop Evaluation Questionnaire results.

A second co-creation workshop focusing on DAEM’s second Use Case will follow.