Genoa pilot showcased in European Mobility Week

In the context of the European Mobility Week (16-22 September), the Genoa AI4PublicPolicy pilot had the chance to interact with local and regional stakeholders by taking part to an insightful Urban Security Seminar held on 19 September 2023.

The event was hosted at Palazzo Tursi and brought together experts and stakeholders in the field of urban security, including representatives from the Municipality of Genoa and local authorities, the Liguria Region, the insurance industry, and research sector. The seminar commenced with warm institutional greetings from Councilor Antonino Gambino, emphasizing the importance of urban security.

The agenda comprised several keynote presentations addressing current challenges on safety in urban settings, such as the citizens’ mobility, as well as innovative pathways towards the mitigation of such challenges by leveraging the use of AI and giving the citizens a sense of contribution and greater awareness.

The AI4PublicPolicy pilot was represented by our partners, Alessandra Risso, General Manager at the Municipality of Genoa, along with Alessandro Amicone, Coordinator of the project. They made a presentation on “Artificial Intelligence at the service of urban security: the experience of the European AI4PublicPolicy project”. The theme of the presentation drew from the current context in Genoa and generally across the globe, which poses increasingly demanding challenges for public administrations in terms of sustainability, security and resilience.

Through their presentation the project partners, explained how the AI4PublicPolicy project intends to demonstrate how Cloud technology and Artificial Intelligence can help facing these challenges by innovating the public policy development process towards an approach based on data analysis and citizen engagement. In particular, the presentation revolved around the Genoa pilot to demonstrate the benefits deriving from this approach in the development of public policies aimed at reducing the number of accidents against vulnerable subjects, in accordance with the new National Road Safety Plan which adopts the ‘ Safe System’ proposed by the European Commission and the UN 2030 Agenda.