Project Pilots

AI4PublicPolicy scope and work-plan is implemented through five pilots in Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Portugal and Bulgaria.

Management and optimisation of City resources

Athens, Greece | Led by City of Athens IT Company (DAEM)

The pilot aims at developing, demonstrating and evaluating data-driven, citizen-centric and evidence-based policies about the maintenance of the city’s infrastructure and the citizens’ transport and urban mobility, including the economic implications of these policies. Learn more about Athens’ Pilot

Citizens and businesses’ services optimisation

Genoa, Italy | Led by City of Genoa (CDG)

The pilot will integrate various AI tools, including tools for analysing citizens’ feedback, but mainly tools for data-driven policy recommendation, policy simulation and bench-marking. Based on this tool, the pilot system will extract and recommend policies for allocating resources and organising the operations of the different departments of the municipality. Learn more about Genoa’s Pilot

Energy management and optimisation

Lisbon, Portugal | Led by Lisboa E-Nova (LIS)

The pilot focuses on gathering relevant and valid data sources, such as weather, buildings’ characteristics and energy consumption, and with the aid of AI and machine learning algorithms detect patterns and problems regarding energy efficiency, so that possible data-driven policies can be defined to ensure a more sustainable and efficient environment in the city. Learn more about Lisbon’s Pilot

Data-driven water infrastructure maintenance

Burgas, Bulgaria | Led by Burgas Municipality (BURGAS)

The pilot will develop a policy making tool that will create and evaluate alternative water pipes maintenance plans, based on data-driven insights about the water management infrastructure (e.g., information about pipes’ installation, placement, and maintenance) and its operative condition. Learn more about Burgas’ Pilot

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