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The pilots aim at developing and evaluating data-driven, citizen-centric and evidence-based policies about the maintenance of the sites’ infrastructure and the citizens’ transport and urban. 

The following table provides an overview of the project’s pilots, including their themes and their linking to other pilots. The latter linking will facilitate the validation of the project’s policy linking and semantic interoperability technologies, as linked pilots will share, repurpose and reuse policy models.


No. Pilot Leaders  Theme – Policies Involved  Linked Pilot(s) 
1 DAEM (Greece)  Policies for Infrastructures Maintenance and Repair; Policies for Parking Space Management and Urban Mobility    CDG (Italy) &  NIC (Cyprus) 
2 CFG (Italy)  Policies for Citizens and Business Services Optimization  DAEM (Greece) 
3 NIC (Cyprus)  Policies for Holistic Urban Mobility and Accessibility   DAEM (Greece) 
4 LIS (Portugal)  Energy Management and Optimization Policies  PRA (Czech Republic) 
5 PRA (Czech Republic)  Urban Planning and Urban Mobility Policies  LIS (Portugal) 

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