AI4PublicPolicy / Stakeholders Database

AI4PublicPolicy Stakeholders Database

To promote the development of transparent and citizen-centric public policies we need a vibrant community of interested and committed stakeholders around the cloud-based Virtualized Policy Management Environment (VPME) to interact with it and contribute
information and datasets.

If you are a:

  • Public authority or government representative
  • Organisation with policy influence (governmental organizations, EU organizations, policy experts, think tanks, etc.)
  • Industry representative (AI, Big Data and cloud solution provider/integrator)
  • Research & Innovation representative (EC-funded projects, EOSC, Big Data experts, researchers in the human and social sciences, BDVA, open-source communities)
  • Citizen
  • Business

interested in helping us unveil AI’s potential for evidence-based policymaking, join our community by subscribing through the form (make sure the “Opt me in!” box for the “AI4PublicPolicy Stakeholders Database” is checked).


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AI4PublicPolicy Stakeholders Database

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