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AI4PublicPolicy is a joint effort of policy makers and Cloud/AI experts to unveil AI’s potential for automated, transparent and citizen-centric development of public policies. To this end, the project will deliver, validate, demonstrate and promote a novel open cloud platform, the AI4PublicPolicy Platform, for automated, scalable, transparent and citizen-centric policy management based on unique AI technologies.

The AI4PublicPolicy Platform will be an Open Virtualized Policy Management Environment (VPME) that will provide fully-fledged policy development/management functionalities based on AI technologies such as Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL), NLP and chatbots while leveraging citizens’ participation and feedback. It will support the entire policy development lifecycle, based on technologies for the extraction, simulation, evaluation and optimization of interoperable and reusable public policies, with emphasis on citizen-centric policies development and optimization through the realization of citizen-oriented feedback loops. AI4PublicPolicy will complement public policy development functionalities with the ever-important process reengineering and organization transformation activities towards ensuring the effective transition from legacy policy development models to emerging AI-based policy making.

The AI4PublicPolicy VPME will be integrated with EOSC with a dual objective. First to facilitate access to the Cloud and HPC resources of EOSC/EGI that are required to enable the project’s AI tools, second to boost the sustainability and wider use of the project’s developments. AI4PublicPolicy’s business plan for sustaining, expanding and commercializing the AI tools and the VPME is based on the development of a community of interested and engaged stakeholders (i.e. public authorities and other policy makers) around the project’s platform.

The project’s Virtual Policy Making Environment (VPME) will integrate various tools and will support policy makers to address policy development challenges based on leading edge AI technologies. Specially, the VPME will enable:

  1. Automated, Scalable and Effective Data-driven Policy Making
  2. Citizens, Businesses and Policy Makers Feedback, Interaction and Optimization
  3. Repurposing, Reuse and Linking of Policies and Datasets
  4. Trusted, Transparent and Ethical AI for Policy Making
  5. Public Authorities Transformation

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