AI4PublicPolicy / Workplan


AI4PublicPolicy will be implemented based on a three-year workplan, structured in 8 work packages:

  • WP1 includes all the project management activities i.e. project, technical, risk, quality and innovation management. It also includes the ethical and legal analysis activities. 
  • WP2 is devoted to producing key specifications for the project’s AI-based policy-making paradigm, while including the user studies and the co-creation activities. WP2 will drive all the technical development work packages of the project and have a two-way interaction with the pilot tasks; 
    • provide requirements for integrating and operating the pilot systems, 
    • receive feedback from the pilot systems regarding the specifications of the AI technologies and VPME of the project. 
  • WP3, WP4, WP5 are the core technical work packages of the project, which focus on three independent, yet complementary streams of technological work; 
    • policy interoperability and reuse technologies, including ontologies, archetypes, ontology engineering tools and policy linking techniques;
    • technologies and tools that boost the trustworthiness of the policy development process, including XAI tools, AI cyber defence techniques and technologies for secure data sharing of policy models and datasets across stakeholders;
    • integration of the VPME and the project’s AI tools within an open analytics environment (e.g., KNIME). 
  • WP6 is the pilot’s work-package that will be devoted to deploying, operating, validating and evaluating the pilot systems with the active engagement of the public authorities of the consortium. 
  • WP7 will provide inputs to the co-creation sessions in WP2 and to the pilot operations (WP6), as the training and organizations transformation blueprints of the marketplace will be used in the pilots and in the co-creation. 
  • WP8 is the dissemination, communication, exploitation and standardization work-package of the project.

The below figure illustrates the project’s workplan.

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